Cards are our forte

Cardforté is your all in one smart card solutions plug. Our products and services are tailored to your specific requirements while offering the best value for Quality, Speed and Affordability.

Cardforté provides an expedient, expert service for all smart card solutions.
Our team will process your card requests and quote in little to no time.

Scope of service

From card manufacturing to identity management solutions, our suite of products and digital solutions offer an end to end bouquet of services to our clients.


CardForté is dedicated to serving multiple sectors including but not restricted to banks and financial institutions with all their payment card requirements.

Solutions & Services

Our Instant Issuance and Self-Service Solutions provide an end to end process for both financial and non financial issuance.

Our state of the art technology and automated process allows us offer a reliable and timely service. We pride ourselves on speed of service and your card order can be delivered within 5 working days… or even quicker if you so desire.
With over 20 years combined experience in the card design, manufacturing, production and distribution space, we are uniquely equipped to meet your requirements.
We have a policy to accept all orders regardless of quantity and this means we are open to all businesses.

All our plastic cards are designed, printed and manufactured in Nigeria, which gives us total control over quality and delivery of our finished products.

What we do

CardForté has an exquisite array of services we render. The question is: “what are you waiting for?”


Our strategic partnership network allows us supply MasterCard, Verve, Visa and UnionPay products. Cardforté offers card solutions for the financial and non-financial sectors with card products based on various OS and platforms such as Java, MULTOS, Native amongst others...


Cardforté provides customized health card systems to medical institutions nationwide...


CardForté offers retail brands, malls and shopping centers customized and attractive retail and loyalty cards...


More often, automatic access control replaces the physical key, and even security guards...

Redefining Digital Solutions

Our bespoke solutions are second to none

We personalize our client requirements to help create the solutions that best fit their need.

Did You Know?

In light of the recent pandemic, Cardforté offers a Self-sanitizing card product. This card will disinfect for up to 3 years.
We can offer a self powered card with an inbuilt fingerprint authentication device which can function without requiring a separate pin input.
You can emphasize the prestige of your VVIP customers by using metal cards. This is available in various elements and can be contact or contactless.

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