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Our strategic partnership network allows us supply MasterCard, Verve, Visa and UnionPay products. Cardforté offers card solutions applicable to banks and the financial sector with products based on Various OS and Platforms such as Java, MULTOS, Native amongst others.

Cardforté provides the most optimized solutions for fulfilling customer needs offering hybrid products that offer combined, multi-functional card solutions, which support, Verve, VISA and Mastercard applications and still include further functionalities within the areas of loyalty or ticketing.

Metal payment cards are quickly becoming a key brand differentiator for Financial Institutions and Fintechs.

Traditionally dominated by a select group of high net worth clientele, metal cards are anticipated to continue in an upward trajectory to an expanded number of cardholders who are demanding unique, custom, and personalized cards.

According to an industry report, metal card issuance is expected to triple between 2018 and 2024 as brands look to grow and segment their card portfolio due to this increase in HNI customer demand.
Associated with a high-end lifestyle, metal payment cards carry their weight in status and value, attracting and retaining your high-value customers to quickly become top-of-wallet. Available in a variety of constructions and price points for mass issuance or select affluent cardholders, Our Metal Card Collection offers the flexibility to create unique, sophisticated designs that accentuate your brand while offering security and superior durability.

CardForté’s high security identification cards have a long lasting proven record nationally. More and more governments and organizations are fast moving towards maximum security in relation to border crossings and access to restricted areas. It has become increasingly important to have individuals carrying their respective identification in a way that is secure, convenient and forgery-proof. CardForté’s identification product range covers all government and customer needs.

  • Accelerate your deployment of smart cards with biometric digital identities for highest-security identity systems with our Complete Biometrics/Smart Card/solution offers
  • Enroll, Issue and Verify Cards Immediately
  • Multi-Modal Biometrics: Face, Iris, Fingerprints, Signature
  • High-Security Contact/Contactless Smart Cards with Biometrics
  • Hassle-Free, Pre-Configured, No User Programming Required
  • Sophisticated Biometric and Demographic Enrollment Software
  • Advanced Smart/Card Personalization/Software
  • 600 DPI Printer, Encoder and Lamination
  • Card Validation and Biometric Identity Verification Software
  • Custom Configurations with In-the-Field Upgrade Options

CardForté’s Smart Card Payment Solution helps transport operators to realize higher efficiency, profitability, and convenience with customer satisfaction by delivering passenger-oriented new unified fare payment technology.

CardForté provides a range of smart card related solutions and application services to ensure success in the future of public transit.

In addition, CardForté offers a wide range of transport and access cards fulfilling the different needs of the end-users. Among our key customers we count major public transport authorities, global hotel chains, and leading corporations.

We work to capture secure, standardized, and best-fit technology for our clients in various market while ensuring that the materials and the features used adhere to the environmental and socio-economic requirements.

Cardforté provides customized health card systems to medical institutions nationwide.

We specialize in creating an ideal fit of your Patient Identification Card with your existing Hospital Management System.

Our innovative System provides reduced admission processing and increases accuracy while strengthening patient loyalty.

The flexibility of our Health Card also permits the storage of multiple access codes, allowing affiliated hospital sites and clinics with different computer systems to retrieve vital patient information from the same card.

CardForté provides magnetic stripe, chip, contact, contactless and bar coded health cards, health card readers, health card creation software, and health card printers.

CardForté provides various kinds of USIM card to MNOs, MVNOs and Handsets/Devices ODMs, OEMs. We offer highly secured USIMs with the finest performance based on UICC platform technologies that we developed.

  •  Network – 4G(LTE, WiMAX), 3G(W-CDMA), 2G(GSM)
  • M2M/IoT – Consumer Electronics, Industrial Utilities and Automotives
  • Mobile Security – Mobile IDs, OTPs
  • Mobile Payments – Fully compliant mobile VISA, Mastercard and other credit card applications
  • Supports eCommerce wallet, banking and transportation

CardForté offers retail brands, malls and shopping centers customized and attractive retail and loyalty cards.

Many different technologies are employed in commercial cards, starting from simple barcode or magnetic stripe cards to contact or contactless smartcards.

As a leading card manufacturer for some of the world’s largest financial, gaming & hospitality, petroleum, travel, health care, non profit and retail institutions, Cardforté understands the balance between marketing innovation, brand promotion, operational efficiency and security needs.

More often automatic access control replaces the physical key, and even security guards. A card is more diverse and generally much safer than alternatives. One card can be provisioned for access to multiple areas.

However, restrictions can be imposed. Access control cards can be reconfigured, so there is no need to throw away the card after usage.

In addition, a lost or stolen card can be deactivated.
In addition to access control, these cards can also be used for time registration.

Every employee of a company can be assigned a unique badge, which not only gives them access to the working space, but also keeps track of their working hours.

Smart cards are used worldwide as campus IDs at colleges and universities, and enterprise IDs often combining access, identification and payment functions.

With our solution for Education, universities, schools and colleges can ensure efficiency and automation in students’ registration, plus the security, accuracy, integrity, and availability of their academic records.

CardForte’s solutions and services can promote digital transformation in educational institutions, offering efficiency and agility with security, legal validity, and credibility.

From Attendance, Payment and Identity validation our products cover n end to end solution that can be deployed in the shortest time and at a pocket friendly price.

Standards-based smart ID cards can be used to easily authenticate a person’s identity, determine the appropriate level of access, and physically admit the cardholder to a facility. More than one access application can be carried on a single smart ID card, enabling users to access physical and logical resources without carrying multiple credentials.

CardForté offers 360-degree ID services to its clients, and identity management is an essential aspect of it. Smart card technology is currently recognized as the most appropriate technology for identity applications that must meet critical security requirements.

Countries around the world use smart cards for secure identity, payment, and healthcare applications. Cardforté’s ID solutions can be used for official government ID, public, corporations employee ID, boarder control card, national ID, e-passport, private company ID, social secure ID, driver’s license and other ID cards based on various platform which is adapted for secure technology and a quick /accurate transaction.

The solution can be customized to suit any ID issuing service. It can be configured to work either in an online mode, where data is captured online from authenticated terminals or an offline mode following a batch process where enrollment data is received through retailers or POS terminals in batches.

Our Cards offer leading anti-counterfeiting solutions for Government ID solutions including Guilloche, microtext , holograms.

  • Printers
  • Instant Issuance
  • Self Service Kiosk

We have a wide range of printers & accessories to suit your ID card printing needs. Ranging from High Capacity, High Speed ID Card Printers to printers with contact and contactless chip encoders.

We are distributors of three(3) major printer brands NBS, Seoary and Smart Printers. Our card printers are good for card issuance projects that require strong security, speed and quality.

The Javelin series is our feature rich desktop ID card printers.
These compact and powerful models are user-friendly and deliver outstanding performance at a great price.

  • Issue secure, flat cards instantly.
  • Full color/monochrome printing.
  • Ethernet comes as standard for networking more than one printer.
  • Security features (same locks as M-BOSS).
  • Delivers outstanding performance with a 30 month warranty.
  • User friendly USB plug and play set up.
  • Magnetic stripe encoding.
  • Lamination available for longer card life if required.
  • Additional hopper to enable the use of 2 different cards.
  • Personalize smart chips with turnkey NBS software or integrate Javelin DNA Pro with 3rd party software leveraging SDK.

With our solutions you can speed up the entire card issuance process, from activation to usage. Moving card issuance and replacement cards closer to the customer, for example in a branch or in a remote environment, means that financial institutions put the customer even more in the center of their attention.

Our on-demand, customizable solution optimizes the customer experience. For example, debit cards can be issued in less than 10 minutes. With our instant issuance solution, the average period between card activation and first use will be reduced significantly. You can provide card issuance in the branch of your bank or anywhere at a self-service Kiosk.

From Financial card issuance to Identity card issuance our self service kiosk solutions offer a variety of options that can be tailor made to your requirements.

Our standalone kiosks with its own power supply and connectivity can handle Identity issuance end to end, from enrolment to card issuance.

For Financial card issuance our kiosks can seamlessly plug into your instant issuance platform and allow a personalized instant card issuance experience

Smart cards

CardForté supplies security modules with KONA I’s Chip OS to card manufacturers and issuers.

Metal Card

It is a card that emphasizes prestige and dignity of the card owner by using real metal.

CardForté operates core technologies in the production of metal cards such as chip embedding, MS transcription, or surface printing, providing excellent quality.


01 – It is suitable for VIP card design, completely differentiated from typical cards by using real metal.
02 – It is possible to adjust the strength of the card by using various metals such as stainless steel and super titanium, and the weight can be adjusted by selecting full metal or half metal.

Eco-Friendly Card

It is a card made of FSC COC-certified Finnish birch, and you can feel the unique texture of natural wood. It is the first product launched by CardForté, and is a popular product that has been steadily attracting attention both at home and abroad.


01 – It is manufactured by thinly processing solid wood and combining it with PVC, Ecozen sheet or metal material.
02 – It is a natural wooden card that meets the physical characteristics of the ISO standard.
03 – Not only contact, but also contactless and dual interface cards are available.

Gold Card

The gold used on the card is guaranteed to be 100% repurchased. It is a premium card with 999.9% pure gold and durable metal.


01 – Through more than 40 precise processes, we have realized a design with the unique luxury of gold and the delicate details of the metal plate.
02 – It is a classy gift with a luxurious card package.

LED Card

It is a card that lights up a light-emitting diode (LED) through the NFC magnetic field. It can produce various lights with front and side light, and it has high durability and intense light even without a battery. It is an innovative card optimized for brand marketing by providing a customized design for customers with a luxurious and mysterious LED.


01 – Depending on the design, it is possible to select either front light or side light.
02 – Unlike battery methods with limitations of validity period, battery is not required by using inductive pressure supply method.

Leather Card

This is a card that reproduces the feeling and texture of leather such as crocodiles, ostriches, snakes, or sheepskin using special ink.

Due to the luxurious and trendy design of leather, it is loved by consumers who want a unique card.


01 – It added an eco-friendly leather feel to the existing plastic card to realize various leather patterns.
02 – For the unique soft feel of leather, UV + natural drying method is applied instead of immediate drying method.
03 – We have a joint patent with KB Kookmin Card.

Shell Card

It is a card using mother-of-pearl that has been traditionally used for high-end decorations such as oriental imperial accessories.

The pearls were processed considering the thickness and design of the card, and the domestic mother-of-pearl with excellent craft value maximized the classical beauty and elegance.


01 – Natural mother-of-pearl, which is not common on cards, is used, and has a special product composition function.
02 – CardForté has own technology to thinly process natural mother-of-pearl.
03 – It takes a lot of processing time depending on the design, and the price difference varies according to the size.

Ecozen Card

This is an eco-friendly card that significantly reduces carbon emissions (Co2) compared to conventional plastics, and is a card for nature that acquired the first eco-friendly certification mark in Korea.


01 – It has superior durability compared to the PVC and does not cause whitening when embossed.
02 – It makes it possible to realize vivid colors compared to the PVC.

PVC Card

It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and has excellent durability and flexibility.

It is a lightweight, excellent finish, high quality and cost-effective product.


01 – It is manufactured by printing on a thin transparent film and then combining the printed surface with a PVC card.